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Fri 28 June 2019

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Detective Inspector Jack Frost is a disorganised DI for the Denton Police Force and will do anything to see that justice is done, even if he has to break the rules.

A Touch of Frost - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 120 minutes

Premier: 1992-12-06

A Touch of Frost - Night Frost - Netflix

Night Frost is a novel by R. D. Wingfield in the popular series featuring Detective Inspector Jack Frost, coarse, crude, slapdash – and holder of the George Cross. The novel was filmed for the ITV detective series A Touch of Frost.

A Touch of Frost - Release details - Netflix

1992, UK, Constable (ISBN 0-09-470960-2), Pub date ? March 1992, hardback (First edition) 1992, UK, Corgi Books (ISBN 0-552-13985-8), Pub date ? December 1992, paperback 1993, UK, Magna Large Print Books (ISBN 0-7505-0566-4), Pub date ? December 1993, hardback 1995, USA, Crimeline, Bantam Books (ISBN 0-553-57167-2), Pub date ? May 1995, paperback 1997, UK, Corgi Adult (ISBN 0-552-14558-0), Pub date ? January 1997, paperback 1998, UK, ISIS Audio Books (ISBN 0-7531-0316-8), Pub date ? March 1998, audio book (Complete & Unabridged) 2000, UK, ISIS Audio Books (ISBN 0-7531-0964-6), Pub date ? August 2000, audio book 2005, UK, Corgi Books (ISBN 0-00-720973-8), Pub date ? July 2005, audio book

A Touch of Frost - References - Netflix


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